BVLVNCE is a vocalist and producer that specializes in metalstep, dubstep, cyberpunk, and other modern EDM genres. His vocals are similar to Sullivan King, Linkin Park, and Bring Me The Horizon.

BVLVNCE, (pronounced “Balance”) is a vocalist and producer who is crossing genres by making electronic music with a post-hardcore influence. With over 10 years of experience in the music industry and two EP’s under his belt, BVLVNCE brings a highly energetic and emotional sound to a scene that feels saturated with analogous artists and producers. He creatively combines genres such as future bass, metal, chill trap, dubstep, and even emo for a fresh sound that is captivating fans from both the EDM and rock scenes, respectively. He has shared the stage in previous acts, with large metalcore and post-hardcore bands such as, Our Last Night, We Came As Romans, The Color Morale, The Word Alive, Born of Osiris, and many more. 

Listeners connect with BVLVNCE on a personal level, as he struggled for many years with an undiagnosed autoimmune disease. He aims to eliminate victim-thinking, polarizing ideologies, and ego. Through music and lyrics, he is creating consciousness and a sense of personal responsibility in his fans to help them cross over a bridge of feeling misunderstood to becoming more empathetic and enlightened with a newfound sense of self-awareness. 

Since he takes full creative ownership over his vision, it’s safe to say that the future of this artist truly hangs in the BVLVNCE, and that idea starts by inspiring music aficionados everywhere. With multiple collaborations in the works, several shows planned for 2021, and a new single about to drop, this up and coming producer is pioneering a new wave of sound and everyone is invited to come along for the ride.